Here at Trinity we are proud to announce our new partnership with SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity. SSAFA are the UK’s oldest national tri – service charity and undertake incredible work to support our Armed Forces, including veterans and reserves, and their families.

We’re excited to be supporting SSAFA this month with their Big Brew Up event, which encourages everyone across the UK to stick the kettle on and brew up in support of our Armed Forces. We’ll be arranging plenty of Big Brew Up events with Trinity and SSAFA representatives at hand (plus a good supply of biscuits, cake and brew!) so watch this space. Make sure you give Trinity and SSAFA a like on Facebook to keep up to date with what we have planned.

Who are SSAFA?

SSAFA have been serving the Armed Forces community for over 130 years and support around 60,000 people every year. Their support covers both regulars and reserves in the British Army, the Royal Navy and the Royal Air Force and their families, including anyone who has completed National Service. SSAFA work in partnership with other military charities and specialist organisations to ensure that anyone in need gets the help they deserve. They also have their own network of over 7000 volunteers, including a large number that work on military bases to directly help families meet the challenges of service life.

How can you help to support SSAFA?

Volunteer with SSAFA
Volunteers are one of the main contributors that enable SSAFA to provide so much support for the Armed Forces family. If you are thinking of ways to support SSAFA, why not consider giving up some of your time? Volunteering can be extremely rewarding, allowing you to meet new people and learn new skills. You can find out more about the SSAFA volunteer network and how to join here.

Fundraise for SSAFA
There are plenty of great ways to fundraise for SSAFA, including planned challenge events such as marathons or small get togethers with friends. The Big Brew Up is one of SSAFA’s biggest fundraising activities encourages us all to simply put the kettle on and have a brew up in support of our Armed Forces. Find out how you can get involved here.

Donate to SSAFA
There are so many options if you want to donate to SSAFA, including giving a single or regular donation, leaving a gift for SSAFA in your will or opting to make a contribution from your monthly payroll. If you want to give an amount to SSAFA, no matter how big or small, find out how here.

Do you need support from SSAFA?
SSAFA provides lifelong support to anyone who is currently serving or has ever served in the Royal Navy, British Army or Royal Air Force. You can seek immediate help from SSAFA by contacting their Forcesline on 0800 731 4880 or see other ways to contact them here.

To find out more about SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity, visit their website at


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