Time to Reflect

Over this lock down period many people have found the chance to take a step back to reflect on their and their family’s finances and longer-term security.  The whole nation has been gripped with a period of introspection and attention seems to have come back on to what’s important in life, such as family and those around us.

Everyone has goals and objectives in their lives and on occasions it is worth spending a little time considering what those are, based around your circumstances.  Service personnel spend much of their working time on planning and preparation; setting objectives and creating the outcomes to achieve them, either in training or on operations.  How many though, do not take some time on their own financial planning, concentrating on what really matters?

Many people find planning easy in their own line of work but find it difficult to think where to start with their own finances.  Shorter term goals such as a new car or kitchen are easier to consider but longer-term goals such as, owning a home or preparing so your children can go to university, are more challenging.

Planning can start out by mapping out what you would like to achieve for you and those close to you in the short and long term.  Base the planning on four main headings:  You and your family, your career, your home and your lifestyle.  How much is required, and when, will then shape borrowing, savings or investments solutions, as well as other methods to help achieve those goals.  At that point it is important to seek good advice to fit the plans around your budget and risk appetite.

Of course, what is also uncomfortable to consider, is making sure those goals are achieved even if you were not around to see them through.  The implications of not planning for that eventuality can be hard to imagine, so often it is easier not to think about it.

That is where the importance of life and serious illness protection planning comes to the fore.  Think of it as ensuring your hopes and dreams for those close to you come to be, whatever happens.

At Trinity we can help towards this planning with Life Insurance.  With over 20 years providing financial services to the serving military community, we are well in tune with your unique needs.

You can choose how you want to approach this:

Online – If you already have a feel for the insurance  you need and an understanding of your budget, then you can go straight to arranging a life insurance policy online at without speaking with anyone.

Telephone – Talk to one of our team who can offer you guidance and information on what is available, provide a quote on a number of insurance policies, set you one up,  but not recommend one over the other. Request a call back

Meeting or Telephone call with an Adviser – At no extra cost to you, go for an advised option and arrange a discussion with an authorised adviser.  They will get to understand your needs, objectives and tailor a life and serious illness insurance policy recommendation that is right for you. Request a call back at a convenient time for you.

Of course, going about protection planning can be a complex area, especially when taking into account partners, affordability and suitability for serving personnel.  These policies should be seen as long-term plans to fit in with your life goals.   Always therefore consider speaking with someone who knows how to find the right solution for you.  In these continued days of social distancing meetings with our advisers can be arranged in as safe a way as possible, by video call or at a distance.

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Written by Trinity Insurance