The Soldiers, Sailors Airmen and Families Association, SSAFA, is the oldest UK military charity and has been helping the forces for over 130 years.

Their latest campaign ‘Got Your Back’ encourages war heroes to ask for help. Recent research by SSAFA has shown that less than 1% of currently serving UK Armed Forces personnel and veterans would ask for help from charity if needed. The report has revealed that Armed Forces members find extremely challenging to admit they have a problem and need help.

SSAFA's got your back campaign

Over half of respondents felt that they should be able to cope with problems themselves, and a further third of them stated it is not in their character to ask for help.

Worryingly, more than 40% of all respondents would acknowledge they have a problem and seek for help only if they felt their life was in risk.

Concerning results of this pool lead to launching the ‘Got Your Back’ campaign, aiming to approach members of the military family who are too proud to ask for help.

SSAFA's got your back campaign

Although the majority of veterans transition and do well in their life and civilian careers, the report has shown that many younger veterans are experiencing financial difficulties, rely on food banks or in need of urgent debt support.

“The research has confirmed the charity’s suspicions that younger, working-age veterans who the charity is supporting tend to come to SSAFA only once they have hit rock bottom. When we ask them why they have waited so long before seeking assistance, the answer is very often that they felt too proud to ask.”

“It is much easier for SSAFA to help a beneficiary get his or her life back on track at the beginning of their difficulties – which could materialise for many different reasons, rather than further down the line once their issues have snowballed.” – SSAFA

SSAFA's got your back campaign

To officially launch the campaign, SSAFA has joined forces with 12 of the UK’s best known Television and sports personalities including: Melanie Sykes, Nigel Benn, Luke Pasqualino, Gemma Atkinson , Stephen Graham, Ant Middleton, Jorgie Porter, Kate Wright , Jenni Falconer, Chloe Lewis, Will Satch, and Danielle Armstrong.

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