Soldiers have expressed that they feel ‘undervalued’ after the Goverment announced that they will receive a pay rise of only 1%.

The Armed Forces Pay Review Body (AFPRB) released their forty sixth report on Tuesday, outlining the reaction from serving personnel who felt that the rise was equivilant to a pay cut due to the rising cost of living. The AFPRB revealed that the British Army may face increasing recruitment issues given the announcement. They warned that the situation will escalate if the private sector continues to recover while inflation continues to rise, with those in the Armed Forces being tempted to work for the private sector instead.

The report stated: “Many staff commented that the value of the overall offer had declined significantly in recent years and that the investment in new military equipment was not being matched by investment in service personnel to operate or maintain it.
“In general, we heard about the lack of trust in the employer to maintain the offer in future and an increasing feeling that people were not joining the services for a career but to obtain training and skills before moving on to alternative (and possibly better paid) employment elsewhere.”

Back in January, a new Army campaign was launched aiming to increase recruitment after figures revealed that the number of soldiers in the Army has fallen from 102,260 to 79,000 in the past six years. The news of this 1% payrise is unlikely to help improve the situation, with the AFPRB saying that the Army faces a specific skills shortage in areas such as engineering, where ‘recruitment and retention is critical.’

The report mentioned also other factors that the AFPRB believe are impacting recruitment rates: “We know that there is a strong link between retention and the disruption of a predictable family life. We are, therefore, concerned that the continuing low levels of morale and the other factors impacting negatively on family life will sustain the historically high voluntary outflow rates, particularly for those with transferable skills who are highly sought after by civilian employers, able to offer more stable employment packages with a better work-life balance.”

You can read the full report here.

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