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The Defence Secretary has said that the United Kingdom need to be ready to counter ‘intensifying threats’ to everyday life emerging in space, the RAF have been given a key role in providing our safety.

The number of personnel working in the sector will be increased by a fifth in the next five years bringing numbers up to 600. This was recently confirmed by Gavin Williamson.

He explained that the RAF Air Command would be responsible for ‘command and control’ of military space operations.

The Defence Secretary said: “We must make sure we are primed and ready to deter and counter the intensifying threats to our everyday life that are emerging in space.”

“Satellite technology is not just a crucial tool for our Armed Forces but vital to our way of life, whether that be access to our mobile phones, the internet or television.”

Space is a ‘vital part’ of the economy according to Defence Minister Guto Bebb, who was set to speak at the Defence Space Conference this afternoon.

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