Discounted Kit, personal items and room insurance for Army Phase Two Training

For much less than a night out a month you can protect your personal items, kit and room contents. Last year over 90% of our claims were for accidental damage to a personal item. How much would it cost you to repair your mobile or laptop or iPad if it was run over by a truck? Yes, that was one of the claims! You won’t notice £5.30, but you would notice if a large amount of money came out of your account as you had been slapped with an MOD fine as you lost a piece of valuable equipment, or it needed to be repaired.

We are Trinity. We’ve been providing military insurance for over 21 years and understand the needs of the military. We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and are committed to supporting you throughout your military career.

If you’re currently in Phase Two training you are entitled to a discounted Kit and Home/Room contents insurance policy starting at just £5.30 a month. For the cost of a drink on a night out you can have the following protection in place:

  • £2,000 Permanent Issued Kit
  • £25,000 Temporary Issued Kit
  • £2,000 Personal possessions
  • £2,000 Room contents
  • £500 for Mobile phones, laptops (items over £500 need to be specified)
  • £750 Loss or theft of money/credit card
  • £500 Loss or damage to spectacles
  • £200 Cycles
  • £20,000 Licence to Occupy
  • £3m Personal Legal Liability
  • Worldwide cover
  • 24/7 Cover for fire, flood and theft
  • Cover for accidental damage or loss
  • New for old cover
  • Only £50 excess (£75 for small electrical items

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