Personal Accident insurance from Trinity just got better and at no extra cost.

Have you got the right protection in place? Could your family cope financially if you couldn’t provide for them?

No-one likes to think about what they would do if they had a life changing accident or worse, they weren’t around at all to support their loved ones.  Personal Accident insurance gives peace of mind that if you had serious injuries caused by an accident, on or off duty, you would receive a pay-out.

We always strive to provide the best insurance and are pleased to announce that the benefits provided by our Personal Accident policy have been significantly improved, at same price.

So what are the new benefits to our Personal Accident policy?:

  • New benefit – if you have life changing injuries we will give you up to £3,000 to modify your home or vehicle.
  • New benefit – in the event of your death or a life changing injury, we will cover childcare expenses of up to £50 a day (to a total of £2,500) to help support you and your loved ones
  • New benefit – a daily payment of £75 (payable for up to a year) if you are in a coma, or induced into a coma, as a result of an accident.
  • New benefit – children are now covered at no extra cost on an individual policy for single parents
  • New benefit – access to a range of helplines including counselling services on a range of topics including personal tax advice, medical advice and support with a bereavement
  • Improved cover – cover for more broken bones and injuries

With the launch of our improved product, we are offering 15% discount on all Personal Accident policies for new customers. Just use TRINITY15 as the promo code*. Prices start at just £9.21 a month. Get a quote.

We’re always around to help talk you through any of the products, just get in touch on the below contact details if you need us:

01243 817777 or by email at

*This discount applies to completely new customers to Trinity only.

Written by Trinity Insurance