Today is International Women’s Day, which celebrates the achievement of women across the world; socially, economically, culturally and politically.

We’re looking at the inspirational women who take on roles within the British Armed Forces, and the way in which a new era is dawning for women in the military.

The modern British Army seeks to promote equality throughout all its rank and trades, and in 2016, the MoD noted that women were making up about 10% of British Army Personnel. This includes integrated platoons training together and certain combat roles being considered for women for the first time.

This was evident in July last year, when the Army announced it would welcome women to apply for the following units within the Royal Armoured Corps; The Royal Lancers, The King’s Royal Hussars, The Royal Tank Regiment, and all Army Reserve Royal Armoured Corps.

So what is it like to be a woman within the Army?

  • Women within the Army get the same level of training as men – the only difference are certain targets within fitness tests.
  • When women begin their training in the Army, they will have their own room or stay in a single sex dormitory. Men and women will have separate accomodation blocks but all other parts of Army life, including eating and training, will be done together.
  • Women within the Army are expected to deploy on operations exactly the same as men will be.
  • Women are paid according to their rank within the Army and this will be the same as men in their position. Promotions are not based on gender but on performance, capability and potential.
  • If you’re a woman who wants to get married or have children, the Army will support you the same way they support men. Family quarters are available, and the Army offer maternity and paternity packages. There is also support available for childcare.

Recognised by the Army News, Lieutenant Colonel Lucy Giles is the first woman in history to be at the helm at the New College at Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. Check out more about her role below.

You can find out more about women in the Army here.

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