Who is Military home insurance suited for?

  • Military home insurance is suited to couples or families where at least one member serves in the Forces.

What's covered?

  • Your military kit and equipment
  • Personal possessions cover for the whole family
  • All home contents including furniture and appliances
  • Licence to occupy cover
  • Accidental damage
  • Transit moves
  • Theft of money
  • Legal expenses
  • Spectacles
  • Frozen food
  • Personal legal liability

What's not covered?

  • Existing or deliberate damage
  • Damage caused by mechanical faults or breakdown
  • Damage arising by wear or tear


Is there a policy excess?

  • Excess is £50 and £75 per claim for small electrical items (mobile phones, laptops, etc.) – in respect of goods in transit the excess is increased to £250 for claims occuring within first 3 months

What does it cost?

  • Kit and contents cover from £17.64* per month
  • No charges for changes to your policy
  • No charges for new documentation
  • No charges for cancellation


*Based on a basic level of cover for a customer based in the UK, quote is subject to eligibility criteria.


Personal effects and valuables

Our military home insurance will cover loss or damage to your personal possessions anywhere in the world on a new for old basis. All small electrical gadgets (mobile phones, iPads etc) are automatically covered for up to £500 each, and we can offer specific cover for more valuable items such as jewellery or watches.

Military home contents

Military home insurance offers protection for loss or damage to your room or home contents by fire, flood, and theft. Accidental loss or damage cover is automatically included as are transit moves within the UK or overseas.

License to occupy cover

If you live in service accommodation, you are responsible for any damage up to the sum currently advised by the MOD. In August 2011, this was set at £20,000 – this applies whether you are living as a single person or in a married quarter. Our military home policy automatically provides cover should you cause any damage.

Personal legal liability

This provides protection for your legal costs and damages awarded against you, if you, or any member of your family living with you causes accidental injury to other person(s) or damage to their property. Family pets such as cats and dogs (excluding dangerous dogs) are regarded as family members.

Legal expenses

If you have a legal problem and need to discuss it with someone, our legal helpline is there for you to use whichever country you are based in. In certain areas such as employment disputes, contractual disputes and personal injury you can be provided with up to £75,000 of legal expenses.

Policy excess

As with most household insurances, our military home policy do have an excess; this is £50 for each and every claim except for small electrical items (mobile phones, iPads etc) which have an excess of £75. In respect of goods in transit the excess is increased to £250 for claims occurring within first 3 months.


Payment is normally made by monthly direct debit from your UK bank account – this system is tightly controlled and offers many guarantees for you. Collection is usually made on the first working day of each month.

Military home insurance claim procedure

1. First report the loss or theft to the authorities immediately
2. Obtain a crime or incident reference number
3. Next telephone the claims department as listed on your policy documentation
4. Where possible, keep all receipts, warranties, instructions and valuations
5. For damaged electrical goods obtain an estimate from a repairer or a note that states it’s beyond repair
6. Finally always keep damaged items until your claim is resolved

To ensure your claims are dealt with quickly, please send back claim forms and supply any information requested by the claims handler as soon as possible.

Wondering if you need specialist Forces Insurance for your home cover?

Trinity have been providing Forces Insurance for over 17 years and our policies have been designed to fulfil the needs of members of the Armed Forces. Home or contents insurance with a mainstream provider is unlikely to include cover for specialist military kit and equipment or license to occupy cover. These benefits are included as standard with Trinity’s Forces kit insurance, alongside personal legal liability cover and legal expenses. If you’re not sure whether to buy specialist cover, get in touch today on 01243 817777 or at hello@talktotrinity.com, and we’ll be happy to discuss your needs.

Interested in further cover? Check out our military insurance portfolio.

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