Moving out of military accommodation can be a stressful time, and with so much to organise it can be easy to forget that you are liable for any damage to to the property upon march out. These fees can go up to £20,000 so it is well worth doing everything you can to avoid unnecessary charges! Alongside damage, you are also responsible
for thorough cleaning of the property and its general condition.

Check out our top tips for preparing to move out of your military accommodation.

  • Firstly, make sure you have license to occupy insurance! This is included as standard with Trinity’s Kit and Home Insurance, and will cover you for any damage charges upon march out.
  • When moving in, fill in your 14-day report with any damage in the property that is pre existing. Try to take photographs of anything you have included in the report and make sure these are dated and that you keep a copy.
  • Take particular note of the condition of the carpets, curtains and any furniture. At march out you should not be charged for any regular wear and tear to these kind of items.
  • Keep copies of all your paperwork in case of any disputes upon march out.
  • Look after your accommodation and make sure you keep things in the best position possible. Things like changing lightbulbs, clearing sink and bath blockages, and routine testing of alarms and smoke detectors are all your own responsibility. You must also report any repairs to your helpdesk as soon as possible.
  • Attend your pre move out appointment to find out will you need to do to get your home to move out standard. This is compulsory but should only take around 45 minutes and will provide you with a useful list of issues within the property – resolving these before march out means you can avoid the charges.
  • Schedule your removals in advance, and with a professional company. With Trinity Kit and Home Insurance, all your possessions will be covered when in transit as long as this is done professionally.
  • Contact your gas and electricity suppliers and let them know your move date as well as your final meter readings.
  • To dispute charges at move-out, follow the process outlined in the letter. If your challenge is unsuccessful, raise a stage 2 complaint in writing to DIO.
  • Finally, consider the Walk Away scheme arranged by Carillion Amey, which allows you to walk away from the property without taking responsibility for any cleaning or gardening. You can pay a set fee and Carillion Amey are in charge of preparing the property for Move In standard.

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Written by Trinity Insurance

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