Gurkhas Run in Singapore Marathon in Aid of SSAFA

A team of 14 Gurkhas from British Forces Brunei ran in the Singapore Marathon whilst raising money for SSAFA


Serving personnel, veterans and their families will continue to benefit from bereavement counselling, advice for managing debt and help with adoption to name but a few thanks to runners in British Forces Brunei who raised 2,500BND (£1,415) for military charity SSAFA.

The charity was set up in 1885 to support the families of servicemen who had set sail to Egypt during the Anglo-Egyptian War. Today SSAFA’s goal is to provide support to serving personnel, veterans and their families whenever and wherever they need it.

The money was raised at the Singapore Marathon by a team of Gurkhas who ran a distance of 13 miles or approximately 21 km.

LCpl Yonjan Rai from Brunei Signal Troops was the organiser. He and his whole running team were overwhelmed with the successful outcome. He said: “I got the inspiration from my Seniors as they kept reminding me that BFB [British Forces Brunei] is one community and one team. Taking that note, I thought it would be a nice thing to work as one team and support SSAFA.”

The initial process was not an easy task. The amount of the hard work and dedication they put in during the intense two weeks of training thoroughly helped them be prepared for the actual Marathon Charity run day. He added: “The best part about this charity run was getting the support and guidance from all my team, the regiment Army personnel and the SSAFA team. Their motivation helped me to great extent.”

“Their motivation helped me to great extent.”

The team handed over the cheque to Karen Oldfield, SSAFA Brunei Chairperson this month at BHQ Tuker lines.

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