Gen Kit Exchange is a new online marketplace for members of the armed forces and outdoor enthusiasts to exchange personally owned military style kit and equipment.

Alex Miller is a serving soldier, and developed the concept of Gen Kit Exchange from his own struggle to obtain the kit he wanted wanted for a good price. After speaking to fellow service members, Alex realised the imminent need for a service which would allow personnel to trade and buy kit for a fair price.

With a small but dedicated team, Alex set out to make Gen Kit Exchange a reality. His online Kickstarter project raised over £1,000 from 53 backers which covered basic fees and allowed a website to be developed, which has now launched at The site is popular with military personnel as well as outdoor enthusiasts looking for specific kit and equipment, and will also serve as a useful platform for kit retailers. The aim is for Gen Kit Exchange to become a true ‘one stop shop’ for kit online.

The site is already stocked with a variety of products – users can join easily by signing up via social media or with their email address, and are then free to purchase or sell as they like.

We caught up with Alex to find out more about plans for the future.

 What inspired Gen Kit?

It all started when I was on my way to an exercise overseas. Our coach broke down and we had about three days of continuous delays and so this gave me lots of time to brainstorm ideas with the lads. I just really wanted to create a good thing in the kit market and when a few people were trying to scam other users out of their hard earned cash I decided that a marketplace could be a new perspective, especially one created by a serving soldier who loves kit. That thing eventually developed into GKE as it is today, thanks to all the cool people that pledged to the Kickstarter.

How long has it taken from start to finish to get Gen Kit up and running?

It took roughly four months from GKE being a few doodles in my notepad on that coach to a fully working model.

Where do you see the future of Gen Kit?

Hopefully Gen Kit will become even more of a community and with the addition of Kit Pest Reviews which has been a collaborative effort from GKE and Cooper’s Kit Corner it’s definitely moving in the right direction. The next step is to build trust between GKE, its followers and people that are interested. The plan is to build on the quality of kit and users on the site up as we’d rather have that than thousands of cheap imports for sale.

Check out Gen Kit exchange at, and give them a like on Facebook.

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