Trinity has teamed up with Insure4Sport, a leading insurance provider, to offer sports coaching insurance for any of our veterans customers or partners and family members of serving military personnel who take part in any coaching activities.

Do you coach a veterans sports team? Do you coach any children of serving personnel on base?

Why buy sports coaching insurance?

Whether you are coaching an individual, a team of adults or a children’s team and whether this is swimming, football, martial arts or cricket you need to make sure you have the right insurance policy in place. With this all under control you can focus on your coaching.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

You may be a coach full-time, part-time alongside another job, or hold a temporary contract. A risk regardless of how much you coach is a claim relating to incorrect advice or guidance. Having professional indemnity insurance will ensure you are protected against any legal claims against you relating to your coaching advice.

Theft or Damage to equipment

Have you thought about how much it would cost to replace your coaching equipment? Replacing stop watches, training equipment, cricket bats, football balls and goal posts can add up to a significant investment in your coaching business. You can tailor your insurance policy to make sure you are covered for all the training equipment you own.

More details

  • Public Liability up to £10m
  • Professional Indemnity up to £1m
  • Theft, loss and accidental damage to equipment up to £50,000
  • Personal Accident up to £50,000
  • Loss of earnings up to £750 a week
  • Hospitalisation £30 a day
  • Emergency dental up to £250

About Trinity Insurance

  • Our products are designed specifically for the Armed Forces Family
  • We operate under the time honoured military values, service, loyalty, integrity and trust
  • Over 20 years experience in the military insurance industry
  • Quality protection for great value
  • We will never sell you anything you don’t need
  • No hidden charges
  • Simple, straight forward process to buy online, over the phone or face to face
  • Experienced  team offering you support on base across the UK, Germany and Cyprus