New Weapon Cleaning Technology

For years weapon cleaning has been a major part the Military routine, after a day using your rifle you must strip and clean it by hand to keep the weapon in the best condition.

Source: Forces.Net

Whether you’re a seasoned soldier or a fresh-faced recruit, every service person knows how irksome cleaning weapons can be.

These days might be at an end as Royal Marine Sergeant Daniel Burks has created a solution for thousands of military personnel.

The ‘Ultrasonic Cleaning Bath’ is electric powered and contains a wire basket capable of cleaning up to a section’s worth of weapon parts in just 20 minutes.

Sgt Birks is part of the Infantry Trials Development Unit in Warminster and he first came up with the idea last year, following a trial of the SA80 A3.

He wants to reduce the time the military spends cleaning weapons – both in barracks and out in the field – and save money currently spent on repairing damaged weapons.

He was awarded £15,000 from an Innovation Fund to develop his idea which saves significant time, and reduces the amount of damage caused to weapons, by certain cleaning techniques.

“In a recent trial using Army and Royal Marine recruits the Ultrasonic Bath resulted in a 60% saving of their time which could be invested in other training.” Explained Sgt Burks.

If the cleaning bath becomes commonplace across the military, he envisages a much smaller weapon cleaning kit being issued with just a breech tool, barrel rods, a pull through, nylon and some small containers carrying copper and carbon remover and OX24.

The Ultrasonic Cleaning Bath was on display at 2019 Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEI) exhibition at ExCel London in September.

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