A series of photographs have been commissioned to celebrate 100 years of women serving in the British Army.

Lt Col Debs Taylor and WO2 Lesley Bell were managing the project and bought together over 300 women to take part in the photoshoot at Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. One spectacular aerial image, captured by drone, shows the women positioned to spell out W100.

W100 Sandhurst

WO2 Bell said:

‘We’ve progressed so much, even over the past quarter of a century.’

“So I thought it would be nice for people to see all the cap badges that are represented, some of the trades and some of the more unusual trades that we’ve got.”

Since 1917, opportunities for women with the Army have evolved significantly, from positions as nurses to front line, close combat roles. These new photos aim to emphasise the diversity of roles now undertaken by women by showing them in a range of different uniforms, showing every rank and cap badge. It is hoped that they will boost female engagement and recruitment.

It is believed that the variety of roles now accessible for women has helped entice new recruits and also keep current soldiers serving, with women making up 10% of the overall workforce in 2016. For women just starting their careers in the Army, there has never been more possibilities.


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