British Army Unveils its Latest Recruitment Drive

The British Army has recently unveiled its most recent recruitment drive. It calls on Snowflakes, Binge Gamers and Phone Zombies to join its ranks.

The campaign ‘Your Army Needs You’ has been designed to show the Army looks beyond young stereotypes and “sees people differently”.

The campaign is comprised of a series of posters and video and radio adverts and has been designed to show the Army looks beyond young stereotypes and recognises their “need for a bigger sense of purpose”, according to British Army Major General Paul Nanson.

It is the third campaign of the ‘This is Belonging’ series, showing the essential skills needed in Army recruits, such as compassion, self-belief and focus.

The Army came under criticism by some commentators last year for adverts which aimed to emphasise the diversity of the armed forces.

Negative feedback to the adverts centred around the opinion that they were too ‘politically correct’.

In the first quarter of 2018, the outsourcing company Capita brought in fewer than one in 10 of the recruits needed by the Army.

Speaking in October, the Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff, Sir Mark Poffley, said that in the three months to August, the Army had recruited just 10% of the officer recruits and 7% of the other ranks it needed for 2018-19.

The latest campaign adverts tell the stories of individuals whose perceived weaknesses are seen as strengths by the Army.

Within the advert, potential recruits are shown at home or work, with others calling out their stereotypes.

Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson said: “People are fundamental to the Army.

“The ‘Your Army Needs You’ campaign is a powerful call to action that appeals to those seeking to make a difference as part of an innovative and inclusive team.

“Now all jobs in the Army are open to men and women. The best just got better.”

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