Denmark’s capital, Copenhagen, offers a stylish city break with an abundance of architecture and design to explore. Great for family holidays, the city is smaller than most, but exceptionally clean and safe and very easy to get to know – this is helped by the fact that all the locals speak great English!


If you want to keep busy there is still plenty to see in Copenhagen, with an amusement park, zoo, aquarium, and planetarium among the large collection of museums and galleries. The Danish National Gallery is highly regarded and features famous works by Picasso, Matisse and Rembrandt.


These activities are all complimented by the wonderful food offered around the city, justifying Copenhagen’s reputation as the ‘Gourmet Capital’ of Northern Europe, with 16 michelin-starred restaraunts. Cafe’s and bars in the city tend to offer a relaxed, cosy feel and street food is a plenty, with hot dog stands on every corner! A traditional favourite in Denmark is the ‘Smorebrod’ – an open sandwich which you can order stuffed with a selection of fillings.


BEST TIME TO VISIT? Autumn is a great choice for visiting Copenhagen before the weather gets too cold – if you can time your visit around October, they have fantastic Halloween displays all round the city, with Trivoli Gardens decorated with 20,000 pumpkins!





Barcelona is a great choice for a budget city break, with a short flight time of only two hours from most UK airports. The city offers everything you could look for in a short break, with a bustling city centre, plenty of museums and galleries and a lively nightlife. If you’re looking for somewhere to relax, Barcelona also has an array of beautiful beaches.


The city is known for its Gothic style and Gaudi architecture, with the famous Sagrada Familia cathedral within easy reach from the city centre. If you’re not bothered about sight seeing, strolling down the main street, La Ramblas, is still a great way to soak up the city’s culture. The pedestrian boulevard is lined with trees and hosts buskers, living statues, market stalls as well as plenty of places to stop for some tapas or a drink.


As the day comes to a close, there will still be plenty to keep you entertained in Barcelona. There is a range of trendy bars and lounges within the city centre, as well as a number of famous nightclubs along the coast. Carpe Diem Lounge Club ( is one of the most cherished beach clubs in Barcelona, with a luxurious and sophisticated vibe.


BEST TIME TO VISIT? The summer months are the perfect time of year to visit Barcelona, when the sun is shining and you can enjoy the Alfresco vibe of the city. If you aren’t keen on hot weather, try to time your visit before July and August, where Barcelona can reach 30 degrees daily.






Paris is the traditional choice for a romantic city break. Just a short trip from the UK on the Eurostar, the city offers an abundance of art, fashion, architecture and fantastic food. Alongside its range of fine dining, a speciality in Paris is the crepe – with street stands cooking fresh crepes to order all round the city, the classic is served with just butter and sugar and truly melts in the mouth.


There is so much to explore in Paris that it can be hard to know where to begin, but a few must see attractions include the Eiffel Tower, Arc De Triomphe, the famous Louvre gallery and the avenue of the Champs – Elysees. If museums and galleries are your thing, it is well worth looking into the Paris Pass which provides entry into many of the cities attractions for one fixed price.


BEST TIME TO VISIT? Spring is a good time to visit Paris, before the city becomes too hot and packed with tourists.






Prague is the perfect location for a cultural packed city break. The capital of the Czech Republic, Prague offers a beautiful blend of architecture with its different districts offering a range of styles. The Jewish quarter, the Josefov, is particularly sought over – an extremely stylish neighbourhood filled with designer shops and café.


There are plenty of museums and galleries to explore, and traditional Czech cuisine can be found around every corner, with dishes based around beef or pork with dumplings, potatoes or chips.


Prague is also a great choice for night time entertainment, with a large and lively underground club scene. If you’re after something a little more sophisticated, you can find cocktail bars and lounges all over the city that is renowned for its eclectic feel after dark.


BEST TIME TO VISIT? Prague is well worth a visit during the Christmas period, where the entire city celebrates with an impressive Christmas market running from late November into January.






Rome is the perfect location if you are looking for a romantic break, with beautiful architecture and plenty of sightseeing to keep you busy.


The city’s top tourist attraction is the Colosseum, the largest ampitheatre ever built and almost 2,000 years old. Other popular architecture includes the Pantheon Church, the Roman Forum, and the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican City. Counting as its own country (the smallest in the world!) The Vatican City has only 920 permanent residents, but is home to the current pope as well as the famous Trevi Fountain.


Of course, being in Rome is also a chance to try some Italian food, with pizza and pasta aplenty. A great choice is the Antico Arco on the Gianicolo Hill, a minimalist Italian restaraunt which has been running for over 20 years, and serves one of the best Risotto’s you can find.


BEST TIME TO VISIT? Rome is best in the summer, but can reach highs of 30 – 40 degrees a day, so if you prefer a cooler temperature then April or May will be better, where the average is a comfortable 20 degrees.



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