The Army has launched a new category in the annual Army Photographic Competition titled ‘Operation Camera’ which welcomes anyone with a photo of the British Army.

The competition has been running for more than 20 years and has never previously been open to the public, with most entries traditionally coming from trained Army photographers.

“We’ve got great photographers in the Army,” said Command Master Photographer WO1 Will Craig, “but we realised that lots of other people have fabulous photos of what we do, including members of the public and our colleagues in the Royal Navy and the RAF. This year we’re inviting everyone to enter. It’s your army, so let’s see the great pictures you’ve got.”

Another new addition to the competition is ‘Cadet Life’, a category created for young people in the Army Cadet Force or any selection of the Combined Cadet Force. Mr Craig described this category as ‘a brilliant opportunity to show life in the cadets from a cadet’s point of view.’ Other categories in the competition, such as video, will remain open to its usual audience of Regular Army and Amy Reserve personnel and Ministry of Defence civilians working directly for the Army.

“The advantage our photographers have is that, as soldiers first, they deploy on operations with other soldiers to capture life on front lines and training areas around the world,” said Mr Craig. “But they can’t be everywhere, and we know lots of people take good photos of soldiers and what they do – and we’d love to see them.”

Judges will be looking for high quality photographs to use in traditional promotions and also across social media channels. The public are being encouraged to get involved with the competition by voting for their favourite picture – you can find out more by following the British Army on Facebook.

Find out more about the Army Photographic Competition here.


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