Nepal Cup and Bhela Festival 2018 Round Up

This year’s Nepal Cup final and Bhela Festival were held on the 7th July at Aldershot Barracks. With temperatures soaring the Gurkha Football competition looked as though it would be hotly contested. The two sides that made it were 1RGR and 2RGR (Royal Gurkha Rifles). 

Band of the Brigade of Gurkhas performing before the Nepal Cup got underway.

The competition was accompanied by the Bhela Festival, a Gurkha Culture festival that celebrates the end of Brigade week and the Birthday of the Brigade of Gurkhas and the Kathmandu Cup football competition,  in which veterans from Gurkha units would compete. The two units to make the final were the Queen’s Gurkha Signals and the Queen’s Own Gurkha Logistic Regiment.

Companies and charities also attended the festival including Trinity Insurance Services Limited who were giving information about our products and services.

Trinity Insurance Services Limited stand.

Nepal Cup

After 90 minutes the scores were tied at 1-1.

2 RGR came out on top in the Nepal Cup final after a hard fought win over 1RGR. After 90 minutes neither of the sides finished on top, 1-1 was the score going into the golden goal period. In the blistering heat players from both sides began to tire. Ten minutes into the first half of extra time the deadlock was broken and the game was won by 2RGR after a short spell of pressure.

Nepal Cup winners, 2 Royal Gurkha Rifles!!

Kathmandu Cup

It was then time for the more experienced heads to take to the field. The Kathmandu Cup final was won by veterans of the Queens Own Gurkha Signals who showed great skill and physical athleticism  in the searing heat. Commiserations to the Queens Own Gurkha Logistics Regiment after a gutsy game that finished 5-1 to QGS (Queens Gurkha Signals).

Queens Own Gurkha Signals are Kathmandu Cup Winners !!

Cultural Entertainment

Gurkha Trainees perform Kukuri display.

Over 100 Gurkha trainees who had travelled from Catterick  took part in a display with their Kukuri Knives and Taekwondo team. The Trainees have now returned to Catterick to continue their training.

Gurkha Trainees Taekwondo team.

A huge congratulations from all of us at Trinity Insurance Services limited to the winners of both the Nepal Cup and Kathmandu Cup. We thoroughly enjoyed our day at the Bhela festival and will look forward to 2019 which promises to be even bigger and better.




Written by Trinity Insurance

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