10 things you probably didn’t know about a Military Kit Insurance Policy

‘There’s no time like the present’ and now, as we ease out of lockdown, is a great time to be thinking about whether you have the right military protection in place.

Have your circumstances changed? Do you have a specific item you need cover for?

A kit and contents insurance policy is essential to cover for loss, damage fire and theft to your issued or temporary uniform and equipment, your own kit such as laptops and mobile phones, as well protection for your belongings in either your living quarters on camp or at home, and that’s worldwide.

Most service people will have attended a finance brief at some point, but you may not have picked up the many added benefits to a military kit and home policy.  Here’s ten things on our Trinity Kit & Home insurance policy:

  1. Cover for theft or loss of cash or credit cards – this could be either from on your person or from your room or home
  2. Option to cover a bike on the policy
  3. When you are moving around, such as deployment or posting overseas your belongings are covered in transit and storage if required.
  4. There’s £75K legal fees cover included, so if you need to fight a legal battle you have some financial support
  5. Family cover options – if you have children at boarding school or university, their items are covered up to £2.5K
  6. License to occupy as standard – imagine if there was a fire in your room from a phone charger (it does happen), you would be liable for up to £20k for the damage to your room.
  7. Do you play a contact sport? You’d be covered up to £3m if you were to injure someone whilst playing sport
  8. Cost of other accommodation if you are unable to live in your quarter following a major mishap
  9. Gifts, worth up to £3000, bought for special occasions such as weddings or Christmas are covered for loss or damage
  10. If your freezer breaks down the contents up to the value of £1000 are covered

With Trinity’s policy there is no credit agreement that may affect your credit rating, just a direct debit taken on the 1st of each month.  You can also manage your own policy through our unique self-service customer portal once you have registered.  

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Written by Trinity Insurance