£22.7m worth grants have been awarded to 10 organisations across Britain to improve welfare for older veterans and their families.

Awarding organisation The Aged Veterans Fund was established in 2015 and since then has received £30 million of LIBOR funds to support veterans.

It focuses on supporting non-core health, social care and wellbeing needs for veterans born before 1 January 1950. This includes World War 2 surviving veterans, National Service and other voluntary veterans in need of health and social care support.

Its funding is allocated between various projects focusing on practical support and companionship to older veterans to improve their wellbeing. These include projects to help individuals with completion of personal paperwork; projects to help veterans to be more active in social life and avoid isolation; and projects based on enhancing knowledge of aged veterans needs.

Poppyscotland has been awarded with a £4 million sum to fund 14 projects. Their Unforgotten Forces programme aims to improve veterans homes, fight their isolation and loneliness.

£4.4 million went to Age UK to support their Joining Forces scheme. It offers practical support for older veterans at home, provides advice and information and helps them to access social events and digital technology.

The Legion Healthy Living Portfolio (under The Royal British Legion) was funded by £4.8 million for promoting healthy living through local activities.

Other charities who also received awards include the British Nuclear Test Veterans Association, Rural Action Yorkshire, St Johns and Red Cross Defence Medical Welfare Service, Cornwall Rural Community Charity, Seafarers UK, and Hospice UK, Age Cymru.


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